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Sharran Srivatsaa Posts

Execution for a Big Paycheck | Podcast with Leilani Serrao-Baker

Rejection is part of the job when it comes to being a real estate agent—but rejection can become a source of opportunity. Doubt it? Just ask today’s guest on the Million Dollar Playbook, Leilani Serrao-Baker, a real estate professional from South Orange County. Listen to learn how Leilani turned a…

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The 6 Proven Strategies for Email Marketing Success | Podcast

The most effective strategies are not always revolutionary – sometimes they’re just simple things that we miss out on or overlook. As it pertains to email marketing, the most important thing isn’t always the emails themselves, but the way the campaign is set up. In this episode of the Million…

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10x growth in 5 Years | Podcast with Thor Conklin

I really enjoyed doing this extended interview on the Peak Performers Podcast with business performance coach and entrepreneur Thor Conklin. As you will find out, Thor has a pretty cool way of pulling out the good stuff… the leadership insights, the questions behind the questions, the lessons from the failures,…

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The Big Question – Is This a Bubble? | Podcast

In this episode, Sharran and guest Jack Mitchell talk about the big question: Are We in a Bubble? Even before the recession, the market was very fluid…very loose…where anyone could claim an income or earning, and use it to secure financing they either couldn’t understand or couldn’t afford. Today, Sharran…

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1,000 True Fans and Pipeline Value | Podcast

In this episode, Sharran shares something he frequently discusses with his clients and agents—Kevin Kelly’s 1000 True Fans and the 6 strategies for impacting your pipeline value with the True Fan mindset. Because True Fans are those willing to fully support and invest in any product or piece of content…

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