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Sharran Srivatsaa Posts

Don’t Cancel On Yourself: My Four Step Guide to Hacking Exercise during the Holidays

At this time of year, holiday parties creep in, 4Q deadlines approach and many of us become overwhelmed with external pressures and completely give up on our personal routines. As the last few weeks of 2018 stare you in the face with obligations and stress, you…

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What is Upper Limiting and How May it be Costing You Millions?

There’s a funny rule in Improv Comedy. Each participant has to say, “Yes, and..”, this rule-of-thumb means no matter what participants in the improvisation say, the others have to go with it. For example, If you started class you may say: “I am a weird dolphin.”…

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5 Foundational Strategies for Social Media Domination

As I have grown my personal social media platforms across Facebook Fan Page, Facebook Personal, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter… I have discovered that there are 5 foundational strategies that seem to govern today’s social media domination. I shared this with my private VIP list and based…

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7.5 Listing Presentations Strategies That Are Guaranteed to Make You More Money

Let me ask you a question that could potentially change the very financial bloodline of your family… What if I could give you the structure of a proven (client) listing presentation that could give you a 94.5% success rate in the living room (with clients you…

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