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Sharran Srivatsaa Posts

10x growth in 5 Years | Podcast with Thor Conklin

I really enjoyed doing this extended interview on the Peak Performers Podcast with business performance coach and entrepreneur Thor Conklin. As you will find out, Thor has a pretty cool way of pulling out the good stuff… the leadership insights, the questions behind the questions, the lessons from the failures,…

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Reactivate your “dead” leads with this simple script | Video

I am often amazed by the real estate industry’s obsession to generate new leads when we already have a huge repository of potentially¬†“qualified” leads already in our possession. This could be¬†from visitors who have registered at open houses, home valuation inquiries that stopped responding to us, leads that we bought…

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10 Things Every Successful Geo-Farmer Knows | Podcast

When done well, geographic farming (business development focusing on a particular micro-market such as an area, neighborhood, building or community) has always yielded great results for real estate agents. It allows agents to create a repeatable target market and also enhances their image as a local market specialist. In this…

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Reengineering your Listing Presentation | Podcast with Peter Hernandez

In this podcast, Peter Hernandez and I discuss how to re-engineer your listing presentation. The high-level topics that we cover include: Why has the traditional listing presentation changed? The role of scripts and dialogues The questions on a seller’s mind Philosophies around pricing Language patterns and Neuro-Lingustic Programming (NLP) The…

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Wall Street to Real Estate Millions | Podcast with Toby Salgado

Toby Salgado really knows how to unpack the actionable ideas for his listeners. I enjoyed doing this interview with Toby and since then we have become good friends. Here are some of the topics we cover in this podcast: A formula that agents can use to pick a geographic farm…

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