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Platform and Tools

  • Lazystripe: Amazing real estate marketing designers. The best looking individual property websites and related flyer/brochures.
  • Basecamp: Team project management
  • IFTTT: If this than that. Great trigger/rules app for the internet of things.
  • MailChimp: Email marketing for teams, good interface to get started.
  • Aweber: Teams that have high technology needs and capability and want a phenomenally robust system for drip campaigns, online form signups, lead magnets, etc.
  • TextExpander: Take your productivity to a whole new level with expanding text
  • Unroll.me: Clean up your inbox. Make everything a daily digest. Manage all your email marketing. [Video]
  • HootSuite: Social Media management dashboard
  • Trello: Project Management for team on steroids. [Video]

Sample Zillow Landing Page Structure. This is a sample to get your ideas kickstarted. Don’t get all critical – use this if you like it, change it if you don’t, dude. I am only including sample content, not any design recommendations because every agent I have spoken to is a marketing expert, so I am sure you will figure out the design ;-)

Zillow Review Process for the Sharran Srivatsaa Team

Click here to go directly to Zillow to review the Team

Thank you for letting us represent you on your recent real estate transaction. Our business is built on two important components:
  1. Referrals, and
  2. Testimonials

Referrals come from our clients and friends who know us and have worked with us, and in turn introduce us to their extended personal and professional networks.

Testimonials from our clients touch those who don’t know us and are not directly connected to us via our immediate network. They provide a real connection into the care and service that we offer based on a client’s experience with us.

We request all our clients who want to give us a public testimonial to do so on Zillow.
Here are the quick steps to follow, it will take less than 2 minutes:
  1. Click Here to go directly to our team’s Zillow review page
  2. You can scan the other reviews
  3. If you are thinking about what to write about, many of our clients who have read the reviews have told us these are the following characteristics that have been useful to them:
    • Having 5 Stars across the board
    • Why you chose us to represent you?
    • Was there something particular that we did that you appreciated?
    • Our knowledge and expertise
    • Our communication and education through the process
    • Would you work with us again?
<you can choose to include any of the below sections on your team’s Zillow landing page>
Some Sample Zillow Reviews
“Having been involved in several real estate transactions, we have high expectations. We found the breadth and depth of Sharran’s knowledge of the market and the overall process extremely refreshing. He was able to negotiate a purchase price for our home that allowed us to capture some unexpected equity in the purchase. Once we found the home for us Sharran locked in on it and made it happen and we are extremely grateful. Through is competent and experienced referrals we were also able to find excellent financing terms for our purchase and appraisal services.” 8/30/2013

“I was a first time Buyer and was not familiar with the home buying process. Sharran was so professional and knowledgeable about everything through the entire process of me buying my home in East Side Costa Mesa. I fell in love with my home when i first saw it but unfortunately there were a few other offers on the property. Sharran was able to position me in a way to stand out from the rest and I ultimately got the house I wanted. I would recommend Sharran to anybody I know for any real estate needs.” 8/23/2013

“It was a joy and pleasure to work with Sharran. The sale of our home was flawless and smooth. Sharran is a hard worker, knows the business, and I will not hesitate to contact him again for future real estate needs. He made selling our home a pleasant experience, and competently represented our interests at all times.” 9/10/2013
<FYI These are sample reviews I ripped from someone else and used it for illustration purposes only>

The following are just ideas and drafts that I discussed in my presentation to help you get started… if you find a typo, fix it. If you want to use it, go for it. If you don’t like it, I don’t care. If you like it, and would like to thank me, I welcome it!

 Top 7 Reasons Why We Appreciate A Zillow Review

  1. Our business is built on happy clients. Testimonials from happy clients drive us to become better at what we do, and give us a chance to earn more business and to continue to become better real estate professionals. Without raving testimonials, we have no business.
  2. Real Estate is generally the largest asset that most of our clients own and control. As real estate professionals and advisors to our clients, the testimonial helps us know and believe that we are adding tremendous value by guiding our clients through what would otherwise be an extremely complex process
  3. We understand that the transaction experience is not as “simple” buying a piece of jewelry or acquiring a piece of furniture. The process involves tremendous amount of communication and uncertainty, strategy and negotiation, education and paperwork, and most of all time and money… sometimes spread over 30-60-90 or more days. We take pride in guiding out clients through the emotional and transactional ups and downs and we hope that through the lens of a testimonial, other prospective clients can get a window into what we might be able to do for them.
  4. Testimonials from our clients touch those who don’t know us and are not directly connected to us via our immediate network. They provide a real connection into the care and service that we offer based on a client’s experience with us.
  5. Testimonials allow us to build great broker relationships. Almost all the time, we are working across the table with another agent or broker representing the other party. Great testimonials showcase the fact that we are consummate professionals, and provide a platform to have great broker relationships as even other brokers get a peek of who we are and what we do, and it provides for a collaborative environment for negotiating and deal making which is in the best interest of our clients.
  6. Testimonials allow us to recruit and retain great talent on our team. In today’s war for talent, having the ability to show the impact that we have on our clients can go a long way in helping recruit and retain great talent on our team so that we can continue to upgrade the quality of advice and service that we provide to our clients.
  7. The testimonials from our clients are more than just a scoreboard for us. They serve as human validation for why we work 7 days a week so that our clients don’t have to.

Top 10 Simple things to do when you buy a Home 
This is just a draft to illustrate the concept on having a call to action for the zillow review as #10. Change anything you want of course.
  1. Contact the complimentary relocation concierge service Kandela to help you relocate from your old home to your new home to get white glove relocation treatment
  2. Update your address using a key service like www.updater.com
  3. Get on NextDoor to see if your community has an active newsgroup
  4. Reset all Garage Opener codes
  5. Rekey the house and the locks, you never know who had a spare key
  6. Create a master list of all utilities, services, and information on Evernote or Dropbox for the new home so that the entire family can share it and knows the relevant information
  7. Check your bank and credit card statements regularly for the first few months to see if there are any erroneous charges based on the old address
  8. Inspect all your belongings to make sure nothing was affected by the move
  9. Note property tax and other local tax due dates on your calendar immediately so that you don’t forget
  10. Give your agent a 5 star Zillow testimonial 

Categories to build transaction timelines to jog client’s memory so that you can build out your standard flow for each side of the transaction. 

Listing Side Draft

  1. Meeting to understand objectives
  2. Analyzing Market Dynamics
  3. Launch Strategy
  4. Preparing the home for sale
  5. Marketing Strategy and Execution
  6. Managing the Listing
  7. Offers and Negotiation
  8. Escrow and Contract Management
  9. Finalizing the closing of the deal
  10. Overall communication and process management

Buyer Side Draft

  1. Engaging an Agent
  2. Home buying process and timeline education
  3. Pre-buy checklist and agent consultation
  4. Search and Evaluation
  5. Offer Strategies and Execution
  6. Escrow process


Resources and References to TomX Presentation 
By Sharran Srivatsaa
President & Chief Operating Officer | Teles Properties
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