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All Truth. No Excuses.

#DailyMojo | Sharran Srivatsaa

Before I even start, this is not self therapy. I am sharing with deep vulnerability with a hope that it unlocks something magnificent within you.

It has taken me a long time to be okay with who I am. A reaaalllly long time.

I don’t do well lying on the beach and soaking in the rays. I am not interested in chillin’ out. I am not interested in phoning it in and hitting forward on emails. I am not interested in casual friendships and relationships. I am not interested in dabbling in anything. I am either all in or I am all out. I am 0 or 100. I don’t like asking for permission when I know something is the right thing to do. Worse, I have no patience when I know that time is of the essence and that I can make a lasting impact, or that I can change someone’s life, or when I can create a transformation.

I am wired with high intensity, high focus, and high action. I love being useful, breaking the status quo, and making contributions. I don’t need anyone to check up on me to make sure I do my work. I don’t need follow-up. I have deep self-discipline and personal accountability. Given any deadline, I can deliver. It fires me up big time.

Now before you say anything and before you think I am bragging, let me break it down for you… its a curse. Its a life sentence. It sucks. The continuous intensity is wreaks havoc on my health and also affects other parts of my life like my marriage, my family, my team, the entrepreneurs that I mentor, and even the coaches and leaders that mentor me.

Why am I sharing this? One of my coaches taught me that we always get bonus points for telling the truth. And furthermore, to make no excuses for it.

If you could share something, and it would be readily accepted, and you didn’t have to make any excuses for it, what would it be? May I give you the permission to share that with me so you can begin to unlock your greatest human potential?


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  1. Today hit home with me. I identify with everything thing you said , the pros and the cons. My truth is : I am still discovering what it is that holds me back from achieving to my fullest potential.

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