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Would you like to make a wish come true for someone that really needs it right now?

I’m thrilled to announce that I am offering something unlike ANYTHING I’ve ever done before through Charitybuzz. This is an incredible organization where they auction experiences with celebrities while raising money for charities. This includes stuff like: Dinner with Oprah Coffee with Gary Vaynerchuck Mavericks court-side…

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What is Upper Limiting and How May it be Costing You Millions?

There’s a funny rule in Improv Comedy. Each participant has to say, “Yes, and..”, this rule-of-thumb means no matter what participants in the improvisation say, the others have to go with it. For example, If you started class you may say: “I am a weird dolphin.”…

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5 Foundational Strategies for Social Media Domination

As I have grown my personal social media platforms across Facebook Fan Page, Facebook Personal, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter… I have discovered that there are 5 foundational strategies that seem to govern today’s social media domination. I shared this with my private VIP list and based…

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