Viral Podcast + Free Gifts from Craig Ballantyne

I recently did a podcast with my good friend and mentor Craig Ballantyne… and it went viral. Craig and I are still catching up on comments, responses and requests and I am personally grateful for all the support for the podcast and the vulnerable stories that I shared on the interview.

If you have not had a chance to listen to it yet, check it out:

Listen to the Podcast

All the questions that Craig and I got in response to the interview revolved around a few central themes, so we put together a some very specific bonus materials for you:

  1. Private Recording: What is the ONE thing you can do to create massive transformation right now? (3mins 17sec)
  2. Private Recording: Craig’s message to my inner circle on the 5am Club on Actionable Values
  3. Private offer to get Craig’s Book “The Perfect Day Formula” for Free
  4. Download the The Perfect Life Plan and Time Journal
  5. And my simple formula for breaking bad habits
  6. Craig’s Top 5 “secrets” and step by step guides to achieving them
  7. Sharran’s Top 5 most read articles by his inner circle and his #1 viewed on how to present anything

This is all absolutely FREE to you, just enter your email address below and you will get a summary with all of it instantly.

You can share any feedback with Craig and or me directly on Instagram: @realcraigballantyne or @sharransrivatsaa

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