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Do you want 51 more?

#DailyMojo | Sharran Srivatsaa

Allow me to share with you exactly the question I am asking myself right now: Do I want 51 more weeks of exactly that?

One week down in 2018, 51 more weeks to go. We have corrected ourselves enough times where we don’t say or write 2017 anymore. We think before we overindulge on the “Happy New Year” greetings. Most of the “2017 in Review” emails have either been deleted or forever banished to our spam folders. But our goals, dreams and aspirations have not changed in 7 days… right?

If you did exactly what you did in the last 7 days for every upcoming week this year, will you achieve all the goals that you have set for yourself for 2018?

Our weeks are no more than miniature versions of the year we are going to have. What can you do right now to set up your next 7 days for the success you desire and deserve? 


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