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Yo. I deserve it.

#DailyMojo | Sharran Srivatsaa

I am going to challenge you today. What I have to say may irritate you, or worse, even insult you. But, I am totally open to you firing back and having a discussion with me on this topic… so here goes:

I am a big fan of personal development. I think mentors, coaches, and advisors can create exponential growth for us by unlocking our perspective and potential.

However, we live in the world of self-proclaimed experts who are out there delivering coaching and advice. As I said at the outset, I may get some flak for this but its important to recognize what we say to motivate people and what we coach people to say to their clients.

For example… and this is a true story:
1. A real estate coach says to a real estate agent client: You deserve this. You have worked your tail off. Don’t ever question the value you bring to your clients. Stand up for yourself. You deserve this.

2. The Real Estate Agent then internalizes it and says to her (homeowner) client: I work hard for my clients. I deserve my fee.

Let me be very clear. #1 is okay if done thoughtfully and strategically. #2 is just ridiculous. If anyone told me that they deserved something (including, if my children said it to me) I would tell them to pound sand. Welcome to the market economy. Whoever you are “pitching” (the buyer) determines what you deserve. Then and only then is there deep respect for the value-exchanged relationship. Otherwise it will breed anger and animosity.

Recounting what you desire and deserve can be used for internal motivation, reaffirming self-worth, creating a positive image for yourself with self-talk, lifting yourself up with the power of language or priming your belief system so that you can become a better version of yourself every single day. The direct result of that is you showing up and delivering insane value so that the rest of the world can see it too without you having to say it.

Instead of saying, “I deserve it” consider replacing it with “How can I add more value?”

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