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Sharran Srivatsaa Posts

5 Core Strategies of Online Lead Generation | Podcast

In this episode, Sharran talks about the 5 Core Strategies of Online Lead Generation. Online lead generation is the modern way to acquire prospects; however, many agents don’t how to optimize these leads—they believe customers will just come to them. For example, being quick to respond…


7 Reasons Why Your Clients Are Not Giving You a Review | Podcast

Ever wonder why some clients don’t leave you a review? If you haven’t you should. Reviews are critical to establishing both your professional aptitude and engagement in the eyes of new clients. It is consistent, positive feedback that sets you apart from your competitors, and persuades…

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Reactivate your “dead” leads with this simple script | Video

The real estate industry is obsessed with generating new leads, even though there’s already a huge repository of potentially “qualified” leads already in their possession. This could be from visitors who have registered at open houses, home valuation inquiries that stopped responding, leads bought from Zillow, Trulia or…

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