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Sharran Srivatsaa Posts

Reactivate your “dead” leads with this simple script | Video

The real estate industry is obsessed with generating new leads, even though there’s already a huge repository of potentially “qualified” leads already in their possession. This could be from visitors who have registered at open houses, home valuation inquiries that stopped responding, leads bought from Zillow, Trulia or…

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Brexit 101: What is it and should you care? | Podcast

Sometimes world events serve as a stepping stone for understanding the various cultural, political, and socio-economic structures that exist around the world. One of the top questions that we have received from our client and friends in the community so far this year has been around…

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3 Force Multipliers To Change Your Business Forever | Podcast

In the age of “let’s do everything right now,” I have been actively thinking about force multipliers for our business. What is a force multiplier in this context? It is a strategy, a thought-process, a framework, a mindset, a focus, a project… something that you can execute…