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Sharran Srivatsaa Posts

Teles Photographers | Podcast with Andrew Bramasco, David Anderson, & Sunny Magner

What do you know about the art of real estate photography? If you’re anything like today’s guests on Million Dollar Playbook, the answer is quite a lot. Meet David Anderson and Andrew Bramasco, professional photographers who became masters of the craft by working with Teles. Their…

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Best Practices in Representing Buyers | Podcast with Karen Greensweig & Spencer Krull

Don’t worry—your ears aren’t deceiving you. Today’s episode of Million Dollar Playbook is an episode from Broker Brilliance, featuring Karen Greensweig and Spencer Krull. Today’s discussion is all about best practices for representing buyers. As an agent, your job is not just to assist a buyer…

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The Intelligent Pricing Strategy Part 2 of 2 | Podcast

In this episode of the Million Dollar Playbook, Sharran does Part 2 of the Intelligent Pricing Series highlighting the final two strategies from the series—three pricing strategy, and buyer sensitive pricing. Aside from sharing tips on how to handle pricing with your clients, two callers –…

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Ten Things Every Top Geographic Farmer Knows! | Podcast

As agents, we’re all farmers—geographic farmers. We cultivate blocks littered with single-family homes, and harvest condos by the dozen.  But not all of us are enjoying bountiful yields. Some of us struggle and some of us surge—which kind of geographic farmer are you? In this episode…

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10 Things Every Successful Geo-Farmer Knows | Podcast

When done well, geographic farming (business development focusing on a particular micro-market such as an area, neighborhood, building or community) has always yielded great results for real estate agents. It allows agents to create a repeatable target market and also enhances their image as a local…

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