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Sharran Srivatsaa Posts

Tackling Online Leads | Podcast with Jackie Reid, Taylor Byers, & Sunny Magner

When it comes to responding to an online review, how timely are you? Do you even know where to look? In this episode of the Million Dollar Playbook, Sunny (filling in for Sharran) invites Jackie Reid and Taylor Byers from Beyond Fifteen onto the podcast to…

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Teles Photographers | Podcast with Andrew Bramasco, David Anderson, & Sunny Magner

What do you know about the art of real estate photography? If you’re anything like today’s guests on Million Dollar Playbook, the answer is quite a lot. Meet David Anderson and Andrew Bramasco, professional photographers who became masters of the craft by working with Teles. Their…

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Best Practices in Representing Buyers | Podcast with Karen Greensweig & Spencer Krull

Don’t worry—your ears aren’t deceiving you. Today’s episode of Million Dollar Playbook is an episode from Broker Brilliance, featuring Karen Greensweig and Spencer Krull. Today’s discussion is all about best practices for representing buyers. As an agent, your job is not just to assist a buyer…

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