Reactivate your “dead” leads with this simple script | Video

The real estate industry is obsessed with generating new leads, even though there’s already a huge repository of potentially “qualified” leads already in their possession. This could be from visitors who have registered at open houses, home valuation inquiries that stopped responding, leads bought from Zillow, Trulia or other syndicator sites, or that lead generation platform, that you stopped using last month (such as BoomTown) and it still has hundreds of registrations.

In essence, if you have been in the real estate business even for a short amount of time, you have a bunch of “dead” leads… and the longer you have been in the business, the more unresponsive leads you have that are now being recycled as new leads to someone else in the industry.

We reactivated 1,002 dead leads in 24hrs using this simple script Click To Tweet.

Remember, you are looking for responsiveness from someone that has been unresponsive… so the goal is to only re-start the conversation!

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