10,000 NOs with Matt Del Negro

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I am really not a celebrity spotter kinda guy.

I literally have no idea who anyone is… movies, music, politics it doesn’t matter.

My brain doesn’t work like that.

If you put a picture of Uma Thurman, Yo-Yo Ma or even Putin in front of me, I still would have no idea who I was looking at.

But J-Lo. I will recognize J-Lo anywhere.

I digress.

But today I want to tell you about my friend and actor Matt Del Negro.

I met Matt a few years ago and I instantly recognized him. He was in every show that I loved… The West Wing, Sopranos, Goliath and Scandal.

He is a total stud.

But when you meet Matt you realize why every single actor, director, producer, caster and crew in Hollywood loves working with him.

His warmth is like a full-blown energy field.

His confidence lifts you up instantly.

His charisma is infectious.

And when he talks to you, you know he is only talking to you.

What Matt doesn’t know is that something he told me always stayed with me since the first time I met him.

He said to me, “Sharran… I get told NO for a living.”

Read that again.

I get goose bumps every time I replay that conversation in my head.

Here is a guy with incredible talent, unbelievable warmth and humility, and unmatched work ethic getting told NO every single day in Hollywood.

And he takes it in his stride.

He turns it into rocket-fuel for him to do better the next day.

Let’s put this in perspective for a second.

You and I get all jacked up when a barista is rude to us, or someone cut us off in traffic, or our co-worker wrote us a borderline cocky email, or some hater posted something mean on our social media feed.

And this guy gets hammered with NOs friggin’ daily… then gets up and does it all over again with more love, more care, more enthusiasm, and a lot more compassion.

Oh, not one No… or two Nos. Think 10,000 NOs.

He even has an amazing podcast called “10,000 NOs” which cannot be more aptly named… you should check it out and listen to it.

If you have a second, check out this 3 minute video about Matt

Matthew Del Negro Speaker Reel from Matthew Del Negro on Vimeo.

We are super lucky to have Matt joining us for a super private interview on the Brand Summit this week. He is going to be talking about his story and specifically on how to build a resilient, reliable, and memorable personal brand.

I really hope you can join us as it’s totally free and you can register at BrandSummit2020.com

The interview is on Thursday at Noon but the replays will only be available for a limited time for those that register.

You are crazy to miss this one.

Honestly… the world needs more people like my friend Matt Del Negro. I am super excited to share his story and his message with you.


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