5 Core Strategies of Online Lead Generation | Podcast

In this episode, Sharran talks about the 5 Core Strategies of Online Lead Generation. Online lead generation is the modern way to acquire prospects; however, many agents don’t how to optimize these leads—they believe customers will just come to them. For example, being quick to respond to inquiries, and introducing yourself via video are key strategies to building a rapport with online leads. Tune-in to hear Sharran highlight more valuable techniques that you can employ TODAY—techniques that will convert lukewarm leads into lifelong clients.

3 Key Points

  1. The faster you respond to your leads, the better—it will help you build rapport with your potential client as quickly as possible.
  2. Focus on adding value to your online lead by answering any questions they may have upfront RATHER THAN setting an appointment; after all, you’re a key step in their information-gathering process.
  3. Nurture your leads; it may take time, but it’ll pay off in the end.

Show Notes

  • 00:43 – Sharran has a teaser video that you should check out
  • 01:00 – The first core mechanic is the concept of modality
    • 01:11 – Spencer Rascoff, Zillow’s CEO, was the first to talk about modality
    • 01:30 – Online lead generation is a time-sensitive game
    • 01:43 – When someone sees a listing on their mobile, they click it without knowing who listed it
    • 02:18 – As soon as you receive an email or message, the consumer is already thinking about something else
    • 02:31 – Consumers do NOT wait
    • 03:01 – Modality is the sooner the you can get back on the inquiry, the more relevant the conversation will be and the more they will think about you
    • 03:30 – Speak to the lead
    • 03:39 – First, figure out how a lead became a lead
    • 03:50 – Knowing how a lead becomes a lead changes the game
    • 04:10 – There’s a big chance that your lead may also be a lead for another person
    • 04:41 – The client will get confused by multiple people reaching out
    • 05:10 – It’s cleaner to be the first one to call the client to establish a conversation
    • 05:26 – If you want to succeed in online lead generation, have a dedicated resource to respond to leads directly
    • 06:23 – There should be a client care system
  • 07:00 – The second core mechanic: clients don’t have rapport with you in online lead generation
    • 07:28 – Rapport is extremely important
    • 07:37 – The fastest way to build rapport with your client is by showing who you are and being a fast-responder
    • 07:53 – You can show who you are through a video
    • 08:00 – Most agents are self-conscious and struggle with creating a video
    • 08:15 – People are now more open to videos that are not professionally produced
    • 09:08 – If you can connect with your client through videos, you can connect with them personally
    • 09:33 – The biggest mistake of salespeople is believing they can stay home and still sell
    • 10:46 – Not using social proof in your first interaction is a missed opportunity
    • 11:28 – “My job is to bridge the strategy to reality”
    • 12:23 – Record a simple video from your smartphone, introduce yourself and tell them that you’ll get back to them soon
  • 13:27 – Third core mechanic is the content of creating value first
    • 13:38 – Some people are about creating an appointment first
    • 14:03 – An online lead becomes goes online because they’re searching for something; even after a few minutes they still can’t find what they’re looking for
    • 15:22 – How we show value is to give them what they’re searching for
    • 15:40 – The 10/10, 40/40 rule
      • 16:17 – 10% of your leads want to something right now
      • 16:29 – 10% of the leads don’t want anything from you
      • 16:34 – 40% of the leads still need time to decide
      • 16:41 – 40% of the leads need to know more of the process
    • 17:00 – Adding value is being able to figure out quickly who your leads are
    • 17:38 – Create a way where you can add value
    • 17:43 – A lot of agents spend time researching for a lead
    • 19:28 – Sharran believes that it’s NOT all about setting the appointment
    • 19:30 – The more we push an appointment, the less we add value
    • 19:41 – When you try to add value, you can immediately classify and categorize the leads
    • 20:00 – Add value because you’re a part of the client’s entire research process
  • 20:12 – The fourth core mechanic: Sharran is often asked how often an agent should call a lead
    • 20:23 – A team who does online lead generation has a different approach on the frequency of calling a lead
    • 20:29 – Some teams believe in “drip until you die”, calling 20x a day
    • 20:44 – Some teams believe in “10 days a pain”, contacting for 10 days straight then putting on a drip campaign on the 11th day
    • 21:18 – When someone gives you their information, they’re giving you a permission to contact them
    • 21:44 – For the next couple of days, it’s thoughtful, important and responsible to be politely persistent
    • 22:04 – Being politely persistent means having a process—such as contacting 10 times throughout the first 3 days
    • 22:33 – If they email, email them back; if they call, call them back—mirror their form of contact
  • 23:35 – The last core mechanic is nurturing
    • 24:03 – Agents are junkies for new leads
    • 25:06 – The ability to nurture your lead is what makes you a true sales professional
    • 25:37 – Being a rainmaker comes at a cost which is not being able to look at the sales model as a long-term, long-tail game
    • 26:00 – 80% of the generated online leads will do nothing for the next 18 months and you just need to nurture them
    • 26:10 – Nurturing leads can be done by putting them on a drip campaign, on your email list, on your phone list or on your system
    • 26:40 – When someone created an inquiry, it means that they’re interested
    • 26:54 – 8 out 9 people who inquired need an education
    • 27:18 – Nurturing a lead is free, but it takes time
    • 28:09 – “Online leads don’t suck, we suck”
  • 28:21 – A quick recap of the 5 core mechanics
  • 29:25 – Send Sharran any type of feedback to show that the podcast is helpful to you




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