5 Foundational Strategies for Social Media Domination

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As I have grown my personal social media platforms across Facebook Fan Page, Facebook Personal, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter… I have discovered that there are 5 foundational strategies that seem to govern today’s social media domination. I shared this with my private VIP list and based on the feedback I wanted to share it here as well.

1. Pick your PRIMARY platform

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You need a primary platform. It doesn’t have to be permanent and you can always change it, but for the next 6-12 months you have to give yourself a focus to learn a platform inside out so that you can get the most out of it. This is helpful for many reasons. First, it gives you focus and the ability to go deep… because we all know that nobody ever achieved anything of significance putzing around. Second, it allows you to not stress about the secondary platforms… I have seen way too many people stressed because they are not everywhere. Here is my answer to that… pick a primary platform and put the rest on auto-pilot.

I committed to Instagram as my primary platform even though most of my engagement and audience is on my personal facebook. I have not gotten any traction on twitter because I have not put in any of the work on twitter. Because of this, I have seen insane growth and engagement value on Instagram. I have also had several instagram celebs and influencers recommend me, endorse me, and shout me out… which has dramatically helped my growth in followers.

But in September 2017, I picked Instagram as my primary platform and just picking it and declaring it has helped me tremendously.

So – What is your primary platform?

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2. Commit to showing up consistently

You have to pre-commit to posting on a regular schedule. And that involves a little bit of planning… say 5-10 minutes a day. Showing up consistently means you are posting and engaging at a determined schedule so that you don’t get to duck out of your commitment to building your presence.

If you are committed to showing up 3 times a day – say at 10am, 1pm and 4pm… then show up at those times, post and engage at those times, and you will instantly start to see great results.

👉Follow me on Instagram! And you will start to see that I keep a decent schedule for posting in my feed (tightened this up recently and saw a lot of success.

3. Study and model success

You must not have to figure this out while you are getting started… pick someone that is crushing it on your platform. Pick someone that you like to follow and enjoy. Study their feed. Study their timing. Study their content. Study their tactics. Study their work. It will give you amazing insight.

I studied the various things Brendon Bouchard is doing on social media. I love his stuff. I love his message. I love his theme. I love his focus. Then I got to spend a bunch of time with him at a mastermind group a few weeks ago and he gave me further insight into his process. I have been slowly implementing his tactics (80%) and layering in my ideas (20%).

Who are you going to study and model? 👉Follow me on Instagram – I am posting original content there that I posting nowhere else.

4. Post it everywhere // get accountable 

If you want to give yourself accountability to do a great job on a platform, post it everywhere. On your marketing materials. On your email signature. Everywhere. Drive people to it.

Say this: I am sharing my best ideas on Instagram – follow me and join the conversation!

5. Find a tribe to support you

Here is what I mean – you need to get a bunch of people to share and endorse your stuff. For example, every time I post on Instagram and recommend people to follow a friend… he or she instantly gets hundreds of followers. Sometimes if they are close enough its okay to ask… however if you add value to an influencer and they organically share your post, story, material, or give you a shout-out, you win big time. This is a game. This is not some crap about buying followers (bots etc)… this is how the sharing/endorsing/social economy works. When you get an endorsed introduction to someone, it changes everything. That concept is the same on the new platforms like Instagram and Twitter.

Find your tribe and your success will skyrocket.

All that said – which strategy was your favorite? Direct Message me on Instagram and let me know!

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