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Would you be interested in developing a new system of goal-setting? A system that is actually structured with numbers, dates, and other measurable? A system that features key questions like; How many testimonials do I want to lock in for the year? How many referrals? How many days of vacation will I take with my family? They key to a winning goal-setting system is specificity, and when we choose specific numbers for goals, those goals suddenly become more attainable.  In today’s episode, Sharran highlights the seven numbers that are NOT in your goal-oriented business plan—the seven numbers that have the ability to change your life for the better.

3 Key Points

  1. When you set your goals choose a specific number that is realistic and attainable for you.
  2. Sharran’s 7 numbers will have a direct effect on your business life and personal life if you consider each goal thoughtfully.
  3. Do not hesitate when it comes to taking action on things that add value to your business and personal life—start right now!


Show Notes

  • 01:52 – Today’s episode is about the seven numbers that are NOT in your business plan
    • 02:00 – If you track just one or two of the 7 numbers, it will add phenomenal value to your business and personal life
  • 02:32 – The first number is the number of days you’re taking off this year
    • 02:44 – Sharran was talking to coach Steve Olson, from San Diego
    • 02:50 – Coach Steve asks four questions to anyone who wants to join his team
      • 03:04 – First question is: will you operate from a calendar?
    • 03:40 – The only way we can win in the long term is by doing things thoughtfully
    • 03:45 – Our body needs time to recoup
    • 03:54 – Mark in your calendar the number of days you are taking off in the year
    • 04:30 – People get into real estate because of the flexibility
    • 04:48 – If you’re not in the position to take multiple days off, it’s okay but write down the number of days
    • 04:55 – We all want freedom, at the end of the day
  • 05:07 – The second number is the ability to work on your database and have your database work for you
    • 05:22 – How many new people are you going to add in your database this year?
  • 06:44 – The third number is the number of testimonials and reviews you’re going to get this year
    • 07:03 – When you tell yourself you’re going to get 20 testimonials this year, it changes the way you see the world and how you live
    • 07:25 – Have an end goal in mind
    • 08:22 – All the agent has is the experience of working with the client; all the agent can gain from this transaction is a testimonial
    • 08:35 – Sharran asks clients UPFRONT about the kind of experience they want
      • 08:50 – The idea is, let your agent know what you want, so they can be and do the best for you
    • 09:14 – Clients who write you testimonials are more likely to refer you than those who don’t
  • 09:31 – The fourth number is the number of referrals
    • 09:49 – There’s no other industry in the world that offers a 25% referral fee
    • 10:08 – How many referrals are you committed to giving out this year?
    • 10:23 – If you want to lift yourself up, you lift someone else up first
    • 11:33 – The entire conversation with your professional sphere should be about how you can help them with your business
  • 12:25 – The fifth number is the 99% selfless and 1% selfish rule
    • 12:33 – You have to do something for yourself, too
    • 12:56 – Sharran and his agent created a plan where the agent set a goal of making $100K from referrals this year alone
      • 13:18 – The goal is specific and tangible
    • 15:26 – How much are you going to make with inbound referrals this year?
  • 15:44 – The sixth number is the amount of money or time you’re going to give to a cause
    • 16:26 – You have to give back to your community; it’s your responsibility
      • 17:31 – Have a plan to give back
      • 17:46 – How much time or money are you going to give to charity this year?
    • 17:53 – The seventh number is the number of books you’ll read in a year
      • 18:05 – “Who you’re going to be 5 years from now is going to be based on the people that you meet”
      • 18:22 – How many books are you committed to reading this year?
    • 18:53 – Leslie chimes in and talks about the fourth number (referrals)
      • 19:11 – A couple of years ago when Leslie was rebuilding her business, she created a networking group of professionals
      • 19:29 – The members of the group all learned about each other
      • 19:49 – Leslie had 5 deals happen within the group
      • 20:05 – Create a community and build a network
    • 20:30 – We should NOT limit our network
    • 21:15 – Leslie is known as the go-to person for everything and that’s what she encourages listeners to be
    • 22:00 – Not everyone can read 30 books a year, especially sales people
      • 22:14 – There’s no substitute to taking in good content
      • 22:25 – Set a number of books that you can and will get through in a year
      • 22:53 – Not finishing a book is okay
      • 23:17 – Sharran subscribed to getAbstract, a book summary service
      • 23:26 – If Sharran likes the summary, he will then buy the book
      • 23:40 – Sharran’s goal is to read 1 summary a week
      • 24:44 – Amy subscribed to com and she was able to read/listen to books while driving
      • 25:38 – The ability to consume content and gain perspective is important
      • 26:26 – Peter shares tips for reading:
        • Read a book at night
        • Read 10-20 pages at night
      • 28:26 – Sharran is now reading Meditations by Marcus Aurelius
    • 30:10 – Send Sharran a 1-line text or email of your feedback on today’s episode and for future episodes


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