7 Reasons Why Your Clients Are Not Giving You a Review | Podcast

Ever wonder why some clients don’t leave you a review? If you haven’t you should. Reviews are critical to establishing both your professional aptitude and engagement in the eyes of new clients. It is consistent, positive feedback that sets you apart from your competitors, and persuades people to partner with YOU as their agent. With that said, get ready to learn in this episode of Million Dollar Playbook, as Sharran lists the 7 Reasons Why Your Clients are NOT Giving You a Review, and how you can get them to start.

3 Key Points

  1. Owning positive social proof—testimonials and reviews—will act as a force multiplier for the growth of your business.
  2. Clearly communicate to your clients just how important reviews are for your business.
  3. Always be politely persistent in getting reviews; if you’re not persistent enough, it’s not important enough.

Show Notes

  • 00:57 – The three most valuable force multipliers available to real estate agents today:
    • 01:00 – Online discovery—more and more people are searching online for their real estate needs
    • 01:22 – Social proof—people rely on 3rd party reviews
    • 01:59 – Inbox mailing list and database—who you know and who knows you
  • 02:25 – Today’s focus is on social proof—the testimonials and reviews that attest to who you are
  • 03:01 – The conversation Sharran is having with a lot of agents is about not getting reviews and testimonials from clients
  • 03:33 – #1: Clients have no idea why a review is actually important for your business
    • 04:44 – It is your responsibility to educate your clients, in the most honest way, why you need that review
  • 06:27 – #2: Clients don’t want to offend you by not writing the review the way you want it
    • 07:20 – Show your clients sample reviews and then invite them to leave one
  • 08:19 – #3: Clients don’t remember everything from the transaction
    • 09:09 – Explain what you did in each part of the transaction, and why you did it—help them remember
  • 10:57 – #4: You had the right intention, but you sent the wrong signal to your client
    • 11:48 – You allowed your client to believe the review was optional
  • 14:22 – #5: You did not frame the review as your expectation
    • 14:56 – If you don’t have reviews as part of your listing presentation, it does not set the precedent for the client to give you a review
    • 15:47 – It’s totally okay to use different reviews for different parts of the transaction
  • 17:49 – #6: If you’re not persistent enough, it’s not important enough
    • 18:12 – Be politely persistent
  • 19:45 – #7: You may not believe or understand how reviews can help you
    • 20:22 – Figure out why reviews are important to you
    • 21:10 – It’s not about what you say anymore, it’s about what happens in today’s social proof economy
  • 22:18 – The value of the transaction is how it transforms your business
  • 23:30 – Think about how amazing it will be to have 100 testimonials from satisfied clients
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