7 Strategies to Crush 2016 & 2017 | Podcast

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Are you ready to make this your best year ever? If you are, then sit down and get ready to hear the host of the Million Dollar Playbook, Sharran Srivatssa, share the top tactics he uses to make each new year of business better than the last. He’ll highlight why asking questions within your sphere of influence is important, how knowing your numbers can skyrocket your reputation amongst prospects and peers, and why your Top 25 deserves intense special attention.

3 Key Points

  1. Not only are these strategies easy, specific, and actionable—they’re proven to work.
  2. Adding value to the lives of your prospects and peers should be your #1 priority every day.
  3. Numbers are empirical proof of your ability, reviews and testimonials are social proof.


Show Notes

  • 01:02 – Write down the number of coffee meetings that you can do in a week
    • 01:21 – The 3 questions that you can ask during the meeting
      • 02:02 – The first question is do you read my email?
        • 02:33 – This will help you determine if your email marketing is working
      • 03:15 – Second question is what are your goals in [year]?
      • 03:26 – Third, and the most important question, can I have your testimonial or endorsement?
        • 03:39 – You want your client endorsing you and telling people about you
        • 04:15 – You can ask to share your post which is a fast endorsement
        • 04:54 – There’s nothing more powerful than your client sharing your post
      • 05:34 – Sit with your lender or lending partners and ask them questions
      • 08:44 – There’s nothing more important than having 5 or 6 numbers every single team member knows inside out
        • 09:00 – Sharran shares sample numbers that the team should know and discuss everyday
        • 09:56 – Figure out the 5-6 numbers, write them down, and then revisit them every month, updating as necessary
        • 11:36 – There’s no reason not to know those numbers
      • 12:04 – If you’re in a town with a lot of local businesses, consider building a local business advisory board
      • 14:33 – Introduce people in your network on a weekly basis
      • 16:14 – Get more Zillow reviews this year than your # 1 competitor
        • 16:38 – Every time you walk in with your competitor, you will have an unquestionable social proof of your superiority
        • 17:11 – It may sound tacky but it’s effective
      • 17:50 – The last idea is Sharran’s favorite thing—obsess over your top 25
        • 18:10 – Write down 25 hot prospects that have the means and the likelihood of taking action
          • 18:30 – Put their names everywhere
          • 18:53 – You will them wake up obsessing on how to add value to their lives
          • 19:30 – “The eyes only see and the ears only hear what you’re looking for”
        • 20:38 – It will change the nature of your business


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