The Daily Mojo is the only email I personally write every single day to inspire Entrepreneurs, Business Owners and High Achievers around the world. It is filled with lessons, big ideas, strategies and tactics to build a legendary life… one brick at a time.

Sharran Srivatsaa
CEO of Kingston Lane | Founder of The 5am Club | Mentor to Entrepreneurs


What is the Daily Mojo?
It is a daily email personally written by Sharran Srivatsaa for Entrepreneurs, Business Owners and High Achievers around the world.

Here are some actual examples:

Join thousands of entrepreneurs and high-achievers who jumpstart their day with Sharran Srivatsaa.

  • Sharran’s obsession with the daily big idea being a stepping stone for a bigger and better life led him to start the original 5am Club.
  • This personal email is written and curated by Sharran every single day with one big idea designed to impact you in 2-3 minutes
  • It’s designed to be the first thing that you read in the morning in your sea of email, to level up your success and help you become your very best self
  • Its 100% free, but priceless to your bigger and better future

The thoughts that go through our head at the start of each day have a huge impact on our outlook.  These thoughts impact our productivity and attitude towards others, and set the tone for how we attack the day.  The Daily Mojo in my inbox every morning gives me an opportunity to reflect on something in my life and look for areas that I can improve or make a difference in the day ahead.  It’s a great jump start to the day!

-Scott Springborn, Newport Beach CA


“The daily mojo series is such a great addition to the 5AM Club. I read it mid-morning to continue intentionally shaping my life, and it lights a fire under me just when I need it most. Sharran comes from a deeply personal place and that is one of the most powerful aspects of the Daily Mojo. Thank you Sharran!”

-Justin McCabe, Temecula CA


“Reading Sharran’s daily mojo email first thing is the best way to start your morning! He gets straight to the point, and delivers a great message to get my day going in the right direction.” 

-Evan Whaley, Charleston SC


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