Execution for a Big Paycheck | Podcast with Leilani Serrao-Baker

Rejection is part of the job when it comes to being a real estate agent—but rejection can become a source of opportunity. Doubt it? Just ask today’s guest on the Million Dollar Playbook, Leilani Serrao-Baker, a real estate professional from South Orange County. Listen to learn how Leilani turned a flat-out rejection into a 10-day challenge to win back what a “lost” client. As Sharran will highlight, we can all take a lesson from Leilani’s determination—her ability to focus during those “it feels like a losing battle” moments—and her willingness to do whatever it takes to WIN.

3 Key Points

  1. Look at rejection as an opportunity to challenge yourself to do the unthinkable; in the case of real estate, keep on pursuing that lead.
  2. Knowing HOW to work with the people on your list is MORE important than just having a huge list.
  3. Focus on what you can do instead of what you can’t do—then ACT!

Show Notes

  • 00:38 – Every real estate professional is looking for the next cool idea
    • 00:58 – Sometimes, the next cool idea is just a very basic idea
  • 01:28 – Sharran introduces Leilani Serrao-Baker
    • 01:57 – Leilani is from Hawaii but has been living in Orange County for 12 years now
  • 02:43 – Leilani shares her story of loss
  • 04:00 – The first takeaway from Leilani’s story
    • 04:48 – “Our job is to pull together property” and show our client that we know our market
    • 05:00 – If we’re not sharing (real estate) opportunities with our client, we have no gateway in the conversation
      • 05:29 – Write down how often or how active you are in sending properties directly to your client
    • 06:39 – Sharran thinks that what Leilani did after being rejected is amazing
      • 07:05 – “That’s grit at its finest”—pursuing after the fact is more than totally okay, it’s required.
    • 07:52 – Leilani convinces the lost client to commit to a call
      • 08:00 – During the call, Leilani explained to the client why they should work with her
      • 08:29 – She also offered to bring buyers directly to them
        • 08:33 – That enticed the client enough to give Leilani 10 days before putting the home on the open market
        • 08:42 – Leilani, of course, accepted the 10-day challenge
      • 08:54 – “I am looking at what I can’t do instead of focusing on what I can do”
    • 09:42 – Leilani created an opportunity!
    • 10:08 – There are several things you can do to try and win that client
      • 10:18 – First is to know the time period you have and use it to create an opportunity
      • 10:33 – Second is to offer a win-win situation
    • 11:23 – The takeaway from Leilani’s story is to create an opportunity
    • 11:44 – Leilani’s course of action
      • 11:58 – Leilani spends 5 hours calling, texting, and emailing prospective buyers
      • 12:28 – Leilani had 92 passive, potential clients and ended up with 39 people who responded to her initial message
    • 12:48 – People usually talk about their databases
      • 13:20 – Leilani worked to reach the people on her list
      • 13:38 – Everything isn’t supposed to be automated
      • 13:45 – Selling is connecting with your client
    • 14:24 – If you’re real and authentic, any text scripts will work on your leads
    • 14:38 – Leilani has 2 different text scripts
      • 14:43 – The first script is for her sphere of influence
      • 14:58 – The second script is for the past clients and potential clients
      • 15:50 – If Leilani didn’t include the 10-day due, the responses would have been fewer
      • 16:28 – Leilani created a sense of urgency in her message
    • 16:50 – Leilani ended up with 4 buyers who came from her sphere of influence
      • 17:08 – Leilani now will concentrate on the 4 buyers
    • 17:28 – Leilani first qualified the buyers telling them why there’s urgency
      • 17:41 – It led Leilani to just 1 buyer (which was a couple)
    • 18:38 – The pre-qualification stage of the buyers is important
      • 18:43 – Your credibility is a direct reflection of the qualification of your buyers
    • 19:06 – Leilani shares her pre-qualification process
      • 19:46 – Leilani prequalifies the buyers economically, ergonomically, and by the timing
    • 22:00 – Leilani makes Facebook, postcard, and video campaigns from deals she’s just closed
    • 23:46 – Leilani has a problem and solution campaign in place
    • 24:52 – Concentrate on what you CAN do instead of what you can’t do
    • 25:16 – “80% of success is our psychology”




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