I Paid $25,000 and met Jason Capital

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I paid $25,000 and met Jason Capital.

No joke.

Here is the back story…

About 3 years ago, I paid $25,000 to join a mastermind.

Let’s be very clear. It was $25K for three, 2-day meetings a year in a group/mastermind setting. Yes, 6 days all-in.

So, I flew to Arizona to attend my first $520/hour meeting 🙂

I was curious how the day would unfold. I was intrigued about the content. And I was ready to be wow’d by the people I was going to meet.

I quickly found my name tent, put my stuff down and got ready to pay attention.

Right then this guy walks in and scoots into the chair right in front of me. He reached over with his hand and introduced himself with the most warmth and charisma I have ever seen anyone have. Ever.

“Hi… I am Jason,” he said.

(This was Jason Capital… who the world-called “The King of High-Income Skills… I had no idea who he was then.)

I introduced myself and we chatted during the breaks, and it was one of those instant friendships.

I learned more from Jason than I did anyone else at the mastermind. In fact, I got a 10x return on my 25K investment just that day spending time with Jason.

And since then, we have advised each other’s businesses, shared speaking stages, had our interviews go viral on YouTube, co-taught seminars, and recorded podcasts together.

More importantly, we have become good friends.

I was looking over my notes from that day with Jason… and pulled out three powerful insights for you:

1. If you don’t script you don’t care:
Don’t underestimate the power of language and the ability to tell stories, anchor emotions, and grow your influence with the power of thoughtful and structured language patterns.

2. One Arrow, Not Ten:
Obsess over delivering your message so elegantly the first time (with one arrow to hit your bullseye) instead of ten meandering attempts!

3. Don’t be an Info-Junkie:
The answer is not in the next book, video, blog or Instagram story. It its not in the next e-book or course. It is grounded in upgrading your skills. Have a maniacally focus on acquiring high-income skills and it will install more confidence and swagger in your life than you can ever imagine.


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