At the Lab Coat Agents LCA Live 2018 event in Coronado/San Diego, California in June 2018 I shared a presentation titled “10x Lessons Learned the Hard Way”. While I was preparing for this presentation, I wanted to have massive take home value not just for the hundreds of attendees but also for those that couldn’t be there.

And instead of giving you everything in one email, which I know you will never read and file away in cold storage, I decided to painstakingly create a 10-day email sequence that brought you the top 10 big ideas and how to implement them into your life and business.

Slides and Bonus Materials

  • Day 1: Immediately… slides download
  • Day 2: Riches are in the Niches
  • Day 3: Amazing Real Estate Money Making Resources
  • Day 4: The Guiding Force
  • Day 5: You can’t 10x just one part of your life
  • Day 6: Routines drive Results
  • Day 7: Reverse Engineering
  • Day 8: Artifacts of Success
  • Day 9: Greatness is in the Granularity
  • Day 10: Transformation doesn’t happen in isolation

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