Monsters under the bed

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Around 11pm my son scuttles into my room and says… “Dad, I am scared!”

In these unprecedented times, he doesn’t realize, I could probably turn around and say the same thing back to him.

Nevertheless, let’s talk about my son Neal.

Neal is a super sharp kid.

Super kind too.

And what do you do with a super sharp kid who says he is scared?

You ask, “Neal, WHY are you scared?”

Lots of BS answers come out.

Then finally he says, “I don’t know Dad”

Ahhh. Perfect answer. Now I get to be a parent.

So I ask, “What do you do when you don’t know what to do?”

Neal replies, “Ummm, you ask for help.. Duh.”

(smart kid)

I said, “OK, what would you like help with Neal?”

This is when it gets interesting because I was expecting a question about monsters under the bed, maybe about why he is scared, how he can’t sleep or why he wants me to tuck him in again.

But I forget he is a pure-blood Srivatsaa.

I should expect more from this kid.

He said, “OK Dad, what can I do to fall asleep?”

I literally bit my lip with joy. What an amazing question for an 8 year old who just cut through the BS of being scared and got to the root question that I can help with.


Remember this, the quality of your life is going to be directly correlated to the quality of the questions that you ask.

Read that again.

I was talking to my mentor about it and I shared this story (proudly I might add) and guess what he told me?

(more like schooled me)

He said, “Sharran, you have it almost right… you are missing an important word in that sentence.”

I restated it, even more proudly, with perfect enunciation: The quality of your life is going to be directly correlated to the quality of the questions that you ask.

He smirked and said, you are still missing a word (dumbass)

Then he said, “The quality of your life is going to be directly correlated to the quality of the questions that you ask… YOURSELF.”

(mic drop)

So much for being a pure-blood Srivatsaa.

Look, in times like these, our best growth comes from thinking about our thinking. And sometimes it’s hard to think through the uncertainty. Sometimes it’s hard to cut through the emotion. Sometimes it’s hard to look past the current pain.

But those that spend a little time thinking about their thinking… those that spend the time asking themselves the higher quality questions, are the ones that are going to emerge from this stronger, sharper, and deeply aligned to conquer the world and build big empires.

If that was a little meta for you, I understand. Maybe it’s time to upgrade your mentor 🙂

Summary: Think about your thinking, upgrade your life.

Stay safe,
PS: Oh… Neal went back to sleep just fine, he wanted to wake up for the last week of the 2-week MBA… check it out –>


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