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In an increasingly digital, information-saturated world, real estate has been “transactionalized” in the eyes of consumers. When prospects engage with your content online, they’re not looking to form a rapport, they’re looking to stay at arm’s length. But just because they’re not looking for rapport doesn’t mean you can’t cultivate it. As a real estate professional, it’s your job to continually extend olive branches that can be used to build a relationship from the ground up. In this episode of Million Dollar Playbook, Sharran shares his Top 12 Tips for crushing it with online leads and converting them into some of the hottest prospects in your portfolio.

3 Key Points

  1. Follow the 10-10-40-40 rule, and remember that the vast majority of your prospects aren’t going to be ready for a while so you need to continually offer them opportunities.
  2. The fear of missing out is a powerful weapon if you can wield it legitimately and don’t over use it.
  3. Like it or not, online leads deserve the exact same TLC as any of your other leads—they’ve already said YES in some way, so don’t treat them as anything less than excellent.

Show Notes

  • 01:29 – A lot of the time we’re contacting and interacting with people, it’s online
  • 01:48 – All that is meant by “online lead” is “online contact”
    • 02:10 – Give them the same care and mechanics that you’d use in person
  • 02:29 – Five people in Sharran’s network that crush it with online leads
  • 03:04 – Take away ONE thing from this episode and put it to use TODAY
  • 04:29 — #1: Do unto others as you would have them done to you
    • 04:40 – Do NOT treat online leads as “shitty”
    • 05:15 – Treat them as a past client and assume rapport
  • 05:29 — #2: Your primary mindset with a fresh online lead must be positive
    • 05:40 – They’ve already said YES to something so you have to be happy
  • 06:30 — #3: Every mindset needs to have a secondary mindset
    • 07:00 You are building an online farm—it is the same as a geographic farm
  • 07:40 — #4: Speed to Lead
    • 07:55 – You have to respond right away
    • 08:30 – The only way to get it done is to build the infrastructure to respond
    • 09:03 – There is NO substitute for speed to lead
  • 09:15 — #5: Match the Medium
    • 09:20 – if they text, you text—if they call, you call—it’s about getting on their level and contacting them in the most comfortable way possible
  • 10:48 — #6: Rapport is Difficult Online
    • 11:03 – This is an information abundant world—and while that’s a good thing, it does not give us ability to establish rapport—it makes us transactional
    • 12:00 – If you don’t know the person contacting you, the only way to break through the “transactional air”, send them a pre-shot stock video that builds rapport
    • 13:09 – The humanization of video—build the auto-responder
  • 13:33 — #7: Ask simple questions that can be answered with one word
    • 14:00 – Get in there with Yes/No or multiple choice. Make it easy to answer
      • 14:12 – Once they start saying yes and responding, you’re on the path to building a relationship
    • 15:30 — #8: Impress Them Quickly
      • 15:49 – if you can impress them right away, your cred-factor goes through the roof
      • 17:12 – If you can know ONE thing about your community, make it a cool, unique stat
    • 17:33 — #9: The 10-10-40-40 Rule
      • 17:50 – 10% of people want to act in the near future, 10% are looky-loos, 40% need some time, and 40% just need some education
        • 18:10 – 80% of the people you talk to aren’t’ ready which means you need to continually reach out to unresponsive leads with new opportunities in a thoughtful way
      • 19:31 – The #1 issue with nurturing leads is we don’t offer them any thoughtful value—it’s not about information it’s about opportunities
      • 20:00 – Every time you send a piece of content, your brand is getting locked into it.
    • 20:30 — #10: Dedicate 1-day a month to check-in with unresponsive online leads
      • 21:50 – Email and text simple messages to unresponsive leads
    • 22:13 — #11: Create Scarcity
      • 22:30 – Online leads see you as a transaction, and that’s done with urgency…that’s done by tapping into the fear of missing out (FOMO)
    • 24:00 — #12: You need a CRM to manage your leads
      • 24:25 – If your leads are the ticket to your next paycheck, you need to manage them fluidly
      • 25:00 – Instead of taking notes on your interaction with a prospect, write down the “next steps” for your next engagement with that individual
        • 25:48 – Don’t focus on the present exclusively—think about the future
      • 26:08 – Question on Speed to Lead
        • 26:25 – There are apps and autoresponders out there for the real estate industry like Five Street
        • 27:10 – Two manual things that work well? Make a video, or auto texts
        • 28:10 – Commissions Inc


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