Putting the WHY Back in Open Houses | Podcast

In this episode of the Million Dollar Playbook, Sharran puts the WHY back in open houses. Yes, they require a lot of work from the agent’s side, but they are still the BEST way to showcase a listing. And they’re more than just a way to care your client, they’re also a way for you to showcase your skill, polish, and personality as a professional—a way for you to lure in new leads and prospects. Tune-in to hear Sharran highlight six new approaches you can use for your next open house to maximize its potential!

3 Key Points

  1. Every open house should be treated as an event that will showcase the home—make sure you do everything possible to serve your client well.
  2. Giving value to your guests and having them sign-in during your open house are your two most important tasks.
  3. Your personal branding starts after the open house has ended—follow up and follow through.

Show Notes

  • 02:37 – #1: Treat every single open house like it is TRULY its own, unique event
  • 03:40 – Prepare!—everything (even how you market) should be unique in some capacity
    • 04:19 – Sharran was recently visiting a friend where an open house was happening nearby
    • 04:38 – His friend was frustrated by the open house
    • 04:52 – If the agents let the neighbors know there would be an open house event, it would have been much appreciated…THAT is the value of preparation
  • 06:19 – #2: The primary job you have is to showcase the home
  • 07:48 – Be extremely thoughtful in showcasing the home
  • 08:11 – If there are agents in your area that hold great open houses, go to their events and take notes
  • 08:56 – #3: Understand the guest that walks through the door
  • 09:12 – Make your guests feel welcome
  • 10:49 – Ask every person, “Are you looking to buy a home in the next 3 to 5 years?”
  • 12:07 – Simple questions are key
  • 12:44 – Retrieve the guests’ information
  • 13:23 – Not having people sign-in is the WORST thing you can do
  • 14:01 – #4: Educate and deliver enormous value
  • 14:22 – Make sure the guest walks out the door knowing more than they knew prior to coming in
  • 15:31 – There’s a lost opportunity when you’re not sharing a market report with your guests
  • 16:22 – A great way to add value is to ask clients how they work with Zillow and Trulia
  • 17:27 – Do whatever it takes to deliver value to guests
  • 18:02 – #5: Brand yourself
  • 18:15 – The entire event is about the home and the client
  • 18:39 – Be 99% selfless in creating that great experience for your client
  • 19:06 – Branding starts when the open house ends
  • 20:48 – You’re not done until you follow up with your guests
  • 22:21 – #6: Be extremely grateful
  • 22:44 – Your lifetime value is a lifelong resource
  • 22:55 – It’s your responsibility to be grateful

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