Self Awareness Is The Greatest Gift You Can Give Yourself

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Imagine being in lockdown for 7 years.

No, I am not talking about the current period of uncertainty that we are in… I am talking about a story that my friend Chris Henry shared with me about his client Matthew.

Chris told me about Matthew yesterday…

Matthew lives in Australia and has had 46 brain surgeries.

And he has been in a wheelchair for 7 years.

Let’s be clear…that’s a lockdown.

While that’s clearly not what we are dealing with… we are being tested every single day.

Its Groundhog Day for many of us… and I know that can drive you bananas.

It drives me bananas.

And when we get stressed, irritated, or frustrated we generally end up doing one of three things:

1. We suffer in silence
2. We vent
3. We medicate

I will talk about 1 and 2 another day, but let me just talk about 3 for a second.

Just to be clear… we all medicate.

For some its alcohol.

For others it drugs.

For some is candy.

And others its ice cream.

Some like red wine. Others like expensive red wine.

Good for you if you are medicating on Barolo.

Some like Netflix.

Others like exercise… and trick themselves that it’s not a form of medicating themselves.

Some like pills.

Other like porn.

I medicate too.

I like popcorn… not any kind of popcorn… kettle corn.

It makes me terribly sick.

But sometimes I do it without any self control, without any sense of purpose, when I am NOT even hungry.

I do it just to feel better when I am stressed AF.

I do it to medicate.

I also like dark chocolate.

That’s a little better than kettle corn.

But it’s medicating nonetheless.

I am no doctor. I am no shrink. I am just an average dude and I am more like you than you can possibly imagine. But one thing I have realized is that I can snap myself out of my BS pretty quickly.

When life gets hard, like it is for almost all of us right now (unless your last name is Kennedy, Rockefeller or Vanderbilt) we will naturally tend to medicate.

It’s OK.

Just catch yourself. Acknowledge what you are doing.

Self-awareness is the greatest gift you can give yourself.

Or sometimes kettle corn works too.

Stay strong.

Lots of love,


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