The 6 Proven Strategies for Email Marketing Success | Podcast

The most effective strategies are not always revolutionary – sometimes they’re just simple things that we miss out on or overlook. As it pertains to email marketing, the most important thing isn’t always the emails themselves, but the way the campaign is set up. In this episode of the Million Dollar Playbook, Sharran shares 6 Proven Strategies for Email Marketing Success that you need to know before you set up your next campaign.

3 Key Points

  1. It’s important to know who your clients are, what they’re reading, and when they’re reading it.
  2. Know your numbers and test them repeatedly.
  3. Email is a tool, and an effective one at that, but it is not an end-all, be-all—you need a complete campaign.

Show Notes

  • 00:47 – “Email has become such a prevalent means of communication”
  • 02:03 – There are 6 strategies Sharran has found over the last 5 years he has been mining data
    • 02:21 – “None of these are revolutionary”
  • 03:09 – #1 Timing is almost everything
    • 03:37 – Sending emails at certain times vs other times actually changes your ability to steal inbox mind share
    • 04:35 – Who are your ideal clients? When are they reading the most?
  • 06:21 – #2 Know your stats
    • 06:42 – How many people are in your database?
    • 06:47 – What is your open rate?
    • 07:20 – You can’t assume your emails are being opened and read
    • 07:42 – What is your click-through rate?
  • 08:16 – #3 Have your email click-through to something
    • 09:05 – Teles Properties focus on building individual property website experiences
  • 10:12 – #4 The subject line is more important than you think
    • 10:36 – You can get more people to open your email if you have more engaging subject lines
    • 11:06 – if your subject line does not inspire, don’t even send your email
    • 11:37 – Testing your subject lines by halving your list and sending 2 different subject lines
    • 12:28 – Email marketing is about who is opening your email
  • 12:59 – #5 The power of 1
    • 13:04 – The email should focus on one offer, one decision
    • 13:21 – Your content has to be focused
    • 13:45 – Your email is your call-to-action
    • 15:18 – There’s nothing more painful than getting something that doesn’t load
  • 16:30 – #6 It’s all about the campaign
    • 16:45 – Email marketing is just one medium
    • 16:58 – You only need to build an entire campaign
    • 18:22 – Email needs to be used in unison with other tools
    • 18:36 – Do the “be everywhere” strategy
    • 19:42 – Emails might win, but Campaigns always win


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